PDM Pro Tools

Predictive maintenance tools for professionals


Cutting edge technology to pinpoint corona
discharge and avoid HV equipment failure.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

World leading technology in hand held or vehicle mounted format.

SDT Airborne Ultrasound

Powerful Airborne Ultrasound for PdM Professionals


Professional machinery vibration diagnostics equipment
with automatic fault detection.


Predictive maintenance tools for professionals

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IPI Eclipse Corona Camera


Perform inspections of overhead transmission lines and high voltage substations with this state of the art corona camera.

IPI TP9 Thermal Imaging Camera

Infrared Thermography

Powerful high-end thermal imaging systems designed specifically for professional thermographers.


Airborne Ultrasound

The most elaborate and efficient ultrasound data collection tool available. A must have for electrical, mechanical and leak detection inspections.

Adash v4400 Pro Vibration Analyser

Vibration Analysis

Advanced vibration diagnostics instruments which includes a myriad of features including acoustic measurement.

Why Choose Us?

 We have more than two decades of predictive maintenance experience – we walk the talk.
 All of our staff are certified thermographers, ultrasound or vibration technicians.
 We have advised hundreds of predictive maintenance professionals in setting up and expanding their businesses.
 We provide independent unbiased information – IPI is not exclusively aligned with any manufacturer.